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Starting a business is intense, time consuming, expensive, and a bit scary. Especially when you aren't quite sure where to start and factor in all the little things that go into it. Maintaining that business doesn't get any easier, in fact, it could get a lot more daunting if you don't keep up with all the office work. Squid Ink Office Management can take away that stress, giving you more time to focus on your passion. 

We specialize in creative based businesses in the greater Atlanta area; Restaurants, Music Venues, Tattoo Studios, Food Trucks- anything you are passionate about, we are passionate about. Years of experience in various fields allows us the understanding and appreciation of what you do. Added to that experience is several more years in successfully assisting creative businesses with their office work. All those years combined make Squid Ink Office Management the perfect addition to your passion. 

We work hard to ensure that everything you need is taken care of. We cater our services specifically to your business and keep a small business budget in mind. Whether you don't need a full time Office Manager or just someone to keep the finances in order;we strive for perfection in any and all of your office needs. We work from a remote office, making regular stops to you for a quick chat or meeting. Let us take care of the business so you can take care of the passion. 


  • Sales Tracking

  • Payroll Services

  • Payroll Tax Returns

  • Licensing/Permiting

Intuit Quickbooks Online Certified: All small businesses benefit from Quickbooks. We are certified in Quickbooks online with the ability to set up, navigate, maintain, and everything else you will need to keep all income and expenses in order. 

  • Sales Tax Returns 

  • Excise/Liquor Tax Returns

  • Financial/P&L Reports

  • Budgeting

Notary Public: For the convenience of all our wonderful clients, we offer Notary services. Never worry about having to stand in line at the bank in the middle of a busy day again. We come to you and make sure all the bureaucratic paperwork is ready to go.* 

  • ​Bank Reconciliation

  • Petty Cash Ledgers

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

Confidentiality Agreements: We understand that giving someone full access (or even the most remote access) to your business finances can make anyone a bit nervous. Your trust is everything to us and we want you to feel comfortable. We are more than happy to put a confidentiality agreement in place with you. 

*Being a notary public does not entitle me to give legal advice, nor would I. I am not an Attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Georgia, and I may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.



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